BrainFrame: Psychology for Kids

diagram worksheet

These worksheets are great tools for kids who are learning about a new psychology topic and trying to visualize what they learned. Children can fill in the blanks of the diagram and feel proud about all of the neat facts they learned!

emotion wheel activity

This is one of my favourite mental health resources because it is a great way of you understanding your emotions! The typical way of using an emotion wheel is to go from the inner circle outwards. First start by figuring out your basic emotion and then work your way out until you understand your more specific emotion.

five favorite facts worksheet

These worksheets are an awesome tool for children to celebrate what they learned about a particular psychology topic (like the brain, emotions, etc.). Children can think back on what they learned and list their five favorite facts!

mood check-in chart craft

This is a great mental health resource for any age! It is a great way to remind yourself to check-in on your emotions everyday and it's also a fun tool for tracking trends in your emotions over time. The visual and craft dimensions of this activity also make it fantastic for teaching younger kids about emotions and coping skills!

what I learned worksheet

These worksheets are great tools for kids who are learning about a new psychology topic. They can write down all of the neat facts they learned and feel proud of how hard they've worked!

psychology word ladder puzzle

These puzzles are super fun and a great challenge! Children will try to go from one word to another by only changing one letter at a time. There are a few different difficulty levels to provide the right level challenge for all age groups (including adults)!

psychology word mine puzzle

These puzzles are a fun cognitive challenge for children (and adults too)! The goal is to brainstorm as many words as you can from the phrase provided.

Youth Mental Health Resources Worksheet

This worksheet is intended to be a parent-child activity, where you can help you kids explore the different youth mental health resources and find the ones that they think will work the best for them. I think this is one of the most important activities on BrainFrame because it can help eliminate the stigma of mental health at a young age and teach children about the mental health resources that are available to them.