BrainFrame: Psychology for Kids

emotion sunflower drawing

We have tons of different types of emotions. Some of them are quite specific like enthusiasm, which is a really intense form of enjoyment or interest. While other emotions are quite broad, like happiness. There are six emotions known as the primary emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust. Let's figure out why these six emotions are so special!

brain structures diagram

A brain is heavily involved in our emotions and helps with everything from recognizing our emotions to feeling our emotions and even attaching emotions to our memories! Emotions are not simple, so there are many brain structures that are active when we are feeling emotions. Click here to learn about four parts of the brain that are important for emotions!

Happy baby and sad baby

Even though they can't talk about emotions, babies feel emotions too! It is pretty easy to tell when a baby is feeling certain emotions; they show us their emotions by doing things like crying, smiling, laughing, and more. Learn more about why and how babies feel emotions here!